Sports and Music: Both Good for Kids

Both sports and music programs offer many benefits. They help prepare children for future success.

The benefits of sports

Participating in a sports program gets your child more active and healthier! The activity helps reduce the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

Your child will also:

  • Improve physical skills like coordination and balance

  • Learn teamwork

  • Learn discipline

  • Learn to focus on a goal

  • Experience the rewards of participation

  • Have fun

The benefits of music

Participating in a music program offers many of the same benefits as sports. Teamwork, discipline, focus, and fun are just some of them. 

Your child will also:

  • Improve physical coordination

  • Learn creative thinking

  • Learn to express feelings and emotions

  • Improve language, thinking, and reasoning skills

  • Learn to memorize new material

  • Increase their imagination

  • Boost their confidence and decision making

Music can also improve spatial intelligence. This important ability helps a person see the world and make sense out of what is seen.

Music and sports: A complete education

Your child needs more than the basics to be successful. A full and productive life also requires social skills, discipline, cooperation, and creative thinking. These can all be learned from the training that sports and music programs offer.

There is one more benefit of sports and music. They can be fun—not just for your child, but for the whole family.

Online Medical Reviewer: Stacey Wojcik MBA BSN RN
Date Last Reviewed: 4/1/2024
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