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What’s Ailing You?

It’s sniffles season again. But how can you tell whether you have a cold, the flu, or another infection? This symptom guide might point you in the right direction.




Strep Throat


What is it?

Viral infection

Viral infection

Bacterial infection

Viral infection

What are the symptoms?





Low-grade fever

Sneezing, runny nose

Mild cough

Slight muscle aches


Sudden and high fever (above 101° F)

Stuffy, runny nose


Muscle aches



Pain when swallowing

Sore throat that may start quickly

Red and swollen tonsils

Red spots on the roof of the mouth

Coughing with or without mucus

Soreness in chest


Mild headache

Mild body aches

Best prevention

Wash your hands often and avoid close contact with people who are sick

Get your annual influenza vaccine and wash your hands often

Practice good hand hygiene

Wash your hands often, don’t smoke, and stay up-to-date on recommended vaccines

Best course of action

Rest and over-the-counter medicines

Rest, fluids, and antiviral medicines, if needed

Antibiotics after positive strep test

Rest, fluids, and a clean humidifier or cool-mist vaporizer

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